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Halloween Party Volunteers

The Halloween Party is coming up fast, and we are in need of a few volunteers to make sure it goes off for our neighborhood children without a hitch. This is what we need: 

– Help with decorating the nature center, and setting up for the event on Weds evening, 26 Oct. 
– Assistance with the event itself. Serving pizza, overseeing activities, ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to participate and cleaning up. 

Susie and I have an idea of what we need to pick up for the event, however, there might be a short get together the weekend before to make sure we have all bases covered. Total commitment would be: short meeting on Sunday, 23 October, set up on Weds, 26 October, and the event itself on Friday, 28 October. With the fact I have to leave town on Thursday for work over the weekend, having help will be crucial. 

Would folks please email me directly with their responses?

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