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Jury Duty Scam is Alive in Cincinnati

Good afternoon everyone.


The email below came across my personal email, and I wanted to share it for those who are not on Next Door.  Please be aware, this is the time of year for phone scams: fake IRS calls (remember, the IRS never calls, they send mail), credit card scams, and now this.  Please be cautious about folks who call and demand money.  If you have questions, call someone before you do something you might regret.


Also, the coyotes are becoming active, and I have begun to see them around the neighborhood and on the golf course.  Please be mindful when you are letting your pets out early in the mornings or at night. Also, be mindful of leaving food out for pets, neighborhood animals, etc… 


Coyotes do not want human interaction and will tend to stay away, but will take advantage of an opportunity, whether it’s food left out for the local feral cat, the feral cat itself or perhaps your much loved pet who spends a lot of time outside and alone when it’s dark. There is no need to be fearful, just be aware and alert.  


Finally, they will den up soon to have their pups. From what I have read, that is when they will defend their turf rather thank slink off.  For our young ones who like to go exploring, please encourage them to leave any areas where coyotes might be denned alone.  There is no need for any wild animal/child interaction.


Thank you

Joe Galvin


Paddock Hills Assembly


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