We have a community meeting on Monday, April 28, 7pm at the Avon Woods Nature Center, 4235 Paddock Rd. Hope to see you then.

The Roadway Clean Up is on April 26th, 2014. A group from North Avondale is working on cleaning up the exit ramps of Norwood Lateral at Paddock Rd & Reading Rd.

They will be meeting at the Paddock Rd. ramps at 9 am on that Saturday. Beth Ewing is the person that is heading up the crew.

If you would like to participate, please do not email me back, just show up there at 9 am. There is parking in the Klosterman’s lot. 

Greetings to all,

It looks like spring is almost here, well maybe! In celebration of spring, the Paddock Hills Women’s Tea is April 27th, 2014 from 3 to 5 pm. Quanita Munday is the hostess. Location is 4488 Paddock Ln., Below is a link to Evite which is a great way to let Quanita know if you would be able to attend.

It is always great to get a head count!
 You’re invited to Paddock Hills Annual Women’s Tea – Click here to RSVP

Lina K. Orr
Paddock Hills Assembly
PO Box 16028
Cincinnati, Ohio  45216
P: 513.242.2221

Emails: TurnerOrr2@aol.com

Greetings to all,

I am sorry this email is so late. A bunch of people from the neighborhood are getting together on Sunday to have dinner at the Blue Gibbon.

It will be at 5:30 and everyone orders for themselves. Usually we recognize the volunteers in the community but since we didn’t pick any one person out, we are going to just have fun hanging out.

Please join us for good food, conversation & laughter. We also watch the NCAA tournament while we are there!

Hope to see you!

kidsWhat is a 5% Day?
Whole Foods Market is committed to being a community partner by donating materials and helping to raise funds for local organizations. One way they give back is through their 5% Days. On a select day, 5% of a single store’s profits are donated to an organization that impacts their customers.

Shop any time on Wednesday, March 26!

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has been selected to receive 5% of the profits from the Rookwood Commons Whole Foods Market on Wednesday, March 26. Purchase your groceries, grab some lunch or dinner, or pick up a unique gift. And please, encourage your family, friends and coworkers to do the same!


In order to continue providing environmental education and recycling support at schools across Greater Cincinnati, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is constantly working to raise funds. We offer FREE classroom presentations, assemblies, and field trips to over 24,000 students (K-12). To learn more about our programs, click here to visit our website.

Tire Amnesty Day on March 22 – Next Saturday!

Similar to last year, any City of Cincinnati resident can bring up to 10 tires per load that will be disposed of properly at no cost. You may bring as many loads as you like within the event times, as the 10 tire rule is due to hauling regulations, not disposal ones. This is NOT for businesses to get rid of scrap tires – none will accepted from suspected business.. This is for residents and for neighborhood cleanup efforts. No trucks with a business logo on them will be allowed to participate.

This year, the event will run from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Dunham Recreation Complex at 4356 Dunham Lane, 45238 on Saturday, March 22. The recreation center is located off of Guerley Road in the Westwood/West Price Hill area. Once you enter the complex, there will be signs pointing you to the right area.

When you enter you will greeted and asked for your address. That is the only information you will have to furnish. Please call 352-4280 for further information about the program

City of Cincinnati Residents and Community Leaders -

The City of Cincinnati receives funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year.  HUD requires that the City develop a strategic plan based on the City’s needs, market analysis and citizen participation in order to set priorities for the following five years.  We are sharing this online survey link below with you to get YOUR input on the City of Cincinnati’s community needs for the next five years.


Please share this with your mailing lists, neighbors, family, friends and business associates who live or work in the City of Cincinnati.

We are reaching out to multiple organizations and contacts so you may receive this email more than one time, but please complete the survey only once.

If you have questions about this survey or about the City’s Consolidated Plan, please reply to this email or contact Kiya Patrick, Community Development Administrator at kiya.patrick@cincinnati-oh.gov or 513-352-6128.

Thank you,

City of Cincinnati
Department of Trade & Development
805 Central Avenue, Suite 700
Cincinnati, OH  45202


Hello neighbors:

I am sure you are all ready for an end to the polar vortex! Make our neighborhood beautiful with fresh spring flowers. I am selling flowers to raise money for a school trip to Italy for an Art History and Archaeology course. To order, go to tiny.cc/flowersale

Griffin Daly

513 679 1043

1336 Westminster

Flowers available (in various colors):


Early Spring Sale—7 April

Trailing Pansies $18.00 10” hanging baskets

Combinations $16.00 10” color bowl planter

Azaleas $20.00 6” pot

Hydrangeas $20.00 7” pot

Easter Lilies $13.50 clay pot with 1 bulb, 6+ blooms


Late Spring Sale—8 May

Impatien $18.00 10” hanging basket


$20.00 10” hanging basket

Geranium Ivy $20.00 10” hanging basket

Combination $20.00 8” planter

Dusty Miller $16.00 1 flat (36 plants/flat)

Begonia $16.00 1 flat (36 plants/flat)

Petunia $16.00 1 flat (36 plants/flat)

It is with sadness that I send this.

Laura Caliman, long time neighbor on Westminster Dr., passed away last
Friday, January 24, 2014. The arrangements are as follows:

Rockdale Baptist Church, 539 Forest Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio  45229

Visitation will be on Saturday February 1, 2014 from 9 to 10 am with
the service to follow. Internment in the Walnut Hills Cemetery.

I do not have any information where to send cards if so desired. I
will pass that information on if I receive it.


Hello again,

At the potluck dinner/community meeting, I had a number of people ask
me how to sign up for the Cincinnati newsletter and for nextdoor.com.
Below are the links that should help you out!

City Newsletters – City of Cincinnati